Are H1 Tags Still Vital for SEO?

Some site owners are modifying their sites to help them rank higher in the SERP. One of the things that they do is to place H1 tags where necessary. But with the Google updates, are H1 tags still important to rank higher on Google?

The H1 tags MAY help in improving rankings in the SERPs. They’re useful in increasing conversions. Using some header tags in your HTML is also vital to communicate your side to screen readers.

But to better answer the question, it’s vital to know the roles of title tags and header tags. From there, you can evaluate the effects they may have on making your site more user-friendly, thus, boosting your site’s SEO.

What are the Title Tags?

A title tag is in the head section. Its role is to specify your web page’s title. This tag is a clickable headline in the SERPs. It also appears on social networks. Title tags provide a comprehensive idea of the page’s content.

Before, it has a major effect on rankings. But because site owners abused its purpose, title tags are no longer a panacea. The reason for this is that keyword stuffing won’t convince Google that your site offers value. However, if you have well-optimized titles, then they might give your site a boost in ranking.


How About the Heading Tags?

Heading tags have become a source of debate in the SEO world. Although H2 to H6 tags are not vital to the search engines, SEO experts are still emphasizing on the proper use of H1 tags. If you don’t use them properly, it may prevent your site from getting major rankings. It will also negatively affect your traffic.

Then again, the heading tags are still vital to the architecture of your content. The reason for this is that they make your post easier to read because it becomes well-organized.

Headings help users in navigating easily through your page. In other words, they make your content easier to digest.

H1 tags are still vital for your on-page strategy. But don’t abuse them as Google hates these tactics.

Correcting your site to boost your SEO ranking requires a lot of effort. To ensure that you’re doing the right thing, you should opt to hire an SEO expert. In this way, you won’t be guessing what tactics to try to make your site’s ranking a lot better. It’s true that hiring an expert would mean an additional expense to your budget. But it’ll pay off in the long run.

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