An SEO Expert Can Help You Avoid These 5 Mistakes in 2022

An SEO Expert Can Help You Avoid These  Mistakes in

With a new year underway, now is the time to take stock of your SEO strategy. With Google and other search engines routinely updating their algorithms and ranking methods, turning to an SEO expert can give your business an upper hand when it comes to search engine results. Read on to learn about five specific SEO mistakes that you should avoid in 2022.

1. Neglecting Webpage Speed

Think about it – how often do you give up on a webpage if it takes too long to load? If you’re like most users, you probably hit the back button fairly quickly. As BiQ points out, roughly 37 percent of users will leave your page if it takes 5 or more seconds to load. A slow page can cost you valuable conversions, so getting your page speed optimized is a wise maneuver.

2. Stuffing Your Keywords

SEO strategy has evolved quite a bit since the days of loading pages up with keywords. In truth, search engines have gotten fairly advanced in how they crawl for keywords, so taking a more organic approach is often your best bet. Use your focus keywords tactically, ideally getting them into the first 100 or so words of your content.

3. Lack of Backlinks

Though it may seem counterintuitive to put links to other websites on your page, this practice can actually boost your Google search rankings. Creating what is called “backlinks”, which are links to authoritative sources, gives your website legitimacy in the eyes of search engines. Be sure that you are using reputable websites for your content’s source material and you could see your site climb the search engine results page (SERP).

4. Duplicate Content

If you have a background in content creation, you understand that duplicate content is often a significant breach of ethics, as well as being potentially legally actionable. Apart from plagiarizing other material, using duplicate content of your own can also have a cannibalizing effect on SEO. Duplicate content can confuse Google when determining content to rank, so make sure that your copy is fresh and unique.

5. Poorly Written Web Copy

In the digital marketing space, the content remains king. Your content should always provide the user with value, giving them a reason to visit and stay on your site. Make sure you are answering relevant questions with a specific, targeted audience in mind. Remember, an engaged reader is likely to want more, which ultimately increases your chances of producing conversions.

Work with an SEO Expert Today

As you kick off 2022, make sure you are not neglecting your SEO. By adjusting to a few best practices, and keeping your content dynamic, you can give your site’s ranking a valuable boost. Call us today at ​​(855) 605-7361 to schedule a free consultation with a seasoned SEO consultant.