An Explanation of Search Engine Optimization by SEO Expert

An Explanation of Search Engine Optimization by SEO Expert

Modern SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all about keywords and backlinks and stuff…Right…? Actually, that is the old way of doing SEO. Things have changed quite a bit since the Google Hummingbird update. Now, Google uses big data and machine learning to figure out what people want. Each experience is personalized. To get a clearer picture of the SEO landscape, here is an explanation of search engine optimization by SEO expert.

A Personalized Experience

If you have a twin who has had the same life as you up until this point, and you both live in the same house and both have your own PC, you are both going to receive very different results from Google’s search engine results. If you search for workout sneakers, you will see different results for your twin even if you typed the same thing into Google.

You see something different because your experience is personalized. Google judges you based on your cookies, your data, your previous searches, and even on which social media platforms you are currently logged into. 

How Does One Reach the Top of the Google Results?

If things are highly personalized, how does a single website reach the top of the Google search engine results? The fact is that you may already be reaching the top spot on some people’s search engine results. You can run test after test and never have your website reach the top of the results, but other people may see your website at the top of the search engine results because machine learning has examined their interactions with Google and decided that your website is the one they want.

Testing if your website reaches the top of Google is also difficult because once you search for your company, your future results will be predisposed to displaying your company again. If you have clicked a link or have already visited your website today, then Google is more likely to suggest your website. This may make you think your website is more popular on Google than it actually is.

How Does Machine Learning Work?

It gathers as much information about you as it can, and then examines how you interact with Google. If other people with interests similar to yours seem to favor certain websites, then Google will show you those websites first in your relevant search engine results. On the other hand, if Google keeps showing the same websites near the top and people don’t seem to like them, then that top website starts being ranked down the search engine results. The simplified version of this is that the most popular websites do the best, and if people start ignoring your website or bouncing from your website in big numbers, then your website is ranked down the search engine results.

This article only offers a small insight into how the massive world of Google SEO works. If you want a fuller explanation of engine optimization by SEO expert, then get in touch with SEO Expert Danny. You get seasoned advice and help from somebody who has been in the SEO industry for years. You also get insights on the various things you can do to improve your search engine standing on Google and other search engines.