An Easy Way to Provide a Better Experience for Your Customers 

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“We’re always looking to provide a better experience for our customers.” 

“We take our customers’ concerns into mind with everything we do.” 

Plenty of companies say that. 

But, how many actually do them? 

Too often, “we’re always looking to provide a better experience for our customers” becomes “we’re always looking for a better way to sell something to our customers.” 

Sure, that might be part of the ultimate goal. 

But, if your customer experience is lackluster, that could turn away the customers that you could help most. 

There’s one new-ish method that our SEO agency in Los Angeles has used to help our clients to better connect to customers: chat. 

SEO agency Los Angeles

“Consumers Want to Talk With the Companies They Do Business With” 

That’s a simple truth that often gets lost. 

If someone wants to do business with you, they want to be able to talk to you. 

Yet, in many ways, perhaps paradoxically, companies make it more difficult to talk to them. 

You might think: “but that’s not true. We have social media, we answer the phone, we have email. Do I really need chat messaging or some other way of walking to folks?” 

You very well could benefit from it. 

Indeed, look at this article, “Conversations Count.” 

If you scroll down a bit (which can be difficult with the unique layout) you’ll find plenty of statistics. 

I found some of those statistics a bit difficult to believe. 

“68 – that’s the percent of people who say messaging is the most convenient way to contact a business.” 

“69 – that’s the percent who say they feel more confident about brands they can message.” 

“7 in 10 businesses think they’re communicating effectively with customers. Just 2 in 10 customers agree.” 

Now, again, I struggle with believing those statistics. 

However, even if I feel those numbers are a tad high, they’re still worth acting on. 

Even if only 40 percent feel that “messaging is the most convenient way to contact a business” or 35 percent “feel more confident about brands they can message,” it’s worth investing in chat. That can grow your bottom line considerably. 

SEO agency Los Angeles

The Main Lesson Here 

Scrolling down a bit further gets to the main point about connecting with your customers. This is true whether you’re chatting, sending emails, social media posts, or anything else. 

“Messaging simplifies and personalizes the customer journey… When they (the customer) gets an immediate, personalized response, they feel better about your company.” 

How many times in your life have you been on hold with one company or another, only to eventually give up and hang up? 

Many companies use chat to keep that from happening. 

Messaging/chatting (whatever you call it) is a better way to respect your customers’ time. 

That’s true whether they’re contacting you about an issue, finding more information, or anything else. The angriest customer can often be placated by reacting to them quickly. 

The opposite also holds true. 

The devoted, returning customer can be turned off for life (or at least a very long time) by having to wait a lengthy period for a response. 

Chat, messaging, and so forth may not be “your most important marketing channel.” But, when utilized properly, it can be a great benefit to your company. 

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