Can AI Content Writing Rival Real Connection?

ai content
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As we round the corner into a new semester, many dormant questions are rising to the surface to find their answers. Research, writing, and composition of any sort; can it be done by a bot? We are left with two answers; yes and no. Some of the reasons site owners would want to use bots are because the AI content is easily accessible, however it may cost a pretty penny.  Many platforms that spit out content based on the facts you provide are typically overwhelming with vocabulary, yet underwhelming when it comes to having a human touch. The way we process information is complex, and we are easily distracted. Reading black-and-white information is the first way to lose interest, both in the subject matter and the site it was retrieved from. Holding someone’s attention requires wording that demonstrates true connection to the writer and the world in which they reside.

So, Why Consider a Bot?

Bots come in handy when fact based passages are necessary, for example, stats from sports events or financial quarters. Not only are they accurate, but AI content can be generated in a matter of minutes or even seconds depending on the subject matter. However, we don’t research stats and numbers to connect with our inner self, we just want hard facts. This is the answer to our question, “Can a bot be a content writer?” Sure, if you seek mundane, emotionless information.

While artificial intelligence can stick to data based reports and analytics, it’s the human touch that we need as audience members. An online presence is important for established sites and brands, as well as young professionals. Funneling information through a content writing platform may be quick and easy, but it won’t yield the kind of work the average reader would enjoy. We’re entering a day and age where we are seeking connection through the internet more than ever.

ai content

What Are Our Options?

When taking a step back, so many formats which we consistently turn to can be pointed out. Under the large umbrella that is the internet, we have social media, news platforms, blogging sites, dating apps and digital magazines. Aligned with these doorways to connection are influencers, returning writers, celebrity presence, and the locals in your area. Tangible relationships and friendships suffice for so long before a person reaches out for more. While some need more online attention than others, we live in a society where in-person interactions are satisfactory to a certain point. It is when one reaches that point when they seek validation from the space outside their daily circle and routine.

People Are Reading

Despite popular belief, people are reading more than ever. Thanks to our smartphones, tablets, and lightweight laptops, information is so accessible it’s nearly comedic. News, social media, and all other media dump in content and information by the bucketful. If this information were to be generated by a bot, not only would it be more than obvious it would be deemed unfit for consumption. As aforementioned, artificial intelligence is best used for creating data-based reports and analytics. However lacking in personal experience, the information provided by a bot can be accumulated and produced faster than a human content writer. For the average reader, obtaining general statistics and analytics is vastly different from reading an article filled with language they can truly connect with.

We turn to content writers for their use of vernacular in conglomeration with personal experience. As people who set out in the world on a daily basis, we reap the benefits of our experiences, and incorporate our pooled opinion into the work we produce. This strong delineation between robots and people is truly what keeps a content writer employed.

Whether it be about beauty, fitness, relationships, or family, a reader has no interest in reading an article pieced together by something that lacks emotion. For now it’s safe to say the monotonous topics can be left to the bots, and topics needing human connection will be written by living, breathing individuals.

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