Advice For Local SEO in Los Angeles

Advice For Local SEO in Los Angeles

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all about getting your website and online assets recognized by the search engines so that they promote your content. Local SEO is a little different. It is about getting your website promoted in your local area before other businesses in your area, and before national companies that serve your local area. Local SEO is a little trickier because it is very specific to your type of business and your local area, so what do you need to do for local SEO in Los Angeles? What should you do if you promote your website locally through search engines like Google?

Sign Up With Google Business

You can sign up with and claim your Google business page. This means that if somebody Google’s your business name in your area, then your website and your profile come up. This also allows people to leave Google reviews on your profile. It allows people to see when you are open, where you are, and it puts your location on a Google map for people to find.

Have an About Us Page

There is no need to put lots of location information on your website. Google takes a guess at where your business is located, and it doesn’t need to guess if you have signed up with Google business. When Google guesses your location, it only uses your About Us page. It doesn’t use the locations you put in links or the location keywords you put on your pages because Google knows that people manipulate them.

Don’t Try Traditional SEO Tricks

It sounds odd, but all the old tricks that used to work will not work anymore, they are a waste of time. You may see old advice like having your business type as a keyword followed by “Near me” as part of the keyword. It goes something like “Bakery near me” or “Garage near me.” Traditionally, people would put these types of keywords in their page text, but this is no longer a viable local SEO method. Even though your Google keyword tools will suggest “XX Near Me” keywords, they are not useful for local SEO. These days, traditional SEO tips don’t work because Google guesses your location, they expect you to sign up for Google My Business, and they only reference your About Us page when they are trying to figure out which locations your search engine results should show up.

Get SEO Help From Professionals

Perhaps the best advice you can receive is to get help with your SEO from people who work inside the industry. Try to avoid the companies that promise a bunch of things they have no intention of delivering. Take it slow and examine a company before you use them. Nevertheless, if you find a suitable service to provide SEO in Los Angeles, one that has a proven track record and a strong work ethic, then you can have them work on your SEO for you. Take the team at Website Depot Inc for example. As a professional team, their experience in the field alone is enough to justify using their service, but not only that, they do not over-promise, they deliver what you ask for, and they do it within a reasonable budget.