Advanced Attorney SEO Tips to Help Your Firm Right Now 

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Are you looking to take the next step with your law firm this year? Does it feel like your growth has been stagnant or, alternatively, not where you want it to be? That happens to law firms of all sizes who practice essentially all kinds of law. There are steps you can take right now to help boost your attorney SEO and attract the clients you want. 


Below are some of the tips that we recommend for clients. There’s much more to it than this, obviously, but these are some actions you can take today to help your firm’s SEO. 


Help Prospective Clients (and Google) Want 


When someone comes to your site, when they look up your firm,  regardless of their situation, there are certain facts they’re going to want to know. Whether they’re looking for a bankruptcy attorney, a personal injury attorney, or just want to learn about aspects of the law you practice, they have questions that need to be answered. 


Your site has to be able to answer these questions not just for your clients, yes, but also for Google (in addition to other search engines). 


They want to know where you’re located, what kind of law you practice, what your hours are, how to contact you, can they afford you, and what your qualifications are. Yes, they’re going to want to know more about that, but those are the basics. 


Those have to be prominently displayed on your site, yes. But, they also have to be consistent across all of your citations, too. So, wherever your information shows up on the internet, you want most of (if not all of) that info to be there. 


You may laugh this off as a bit basic. But, it happens all the time. I cannot tell you how many times one of us has sat down with a lawyer-client to go over their citations, only to find that readily available online are outdated/wrong phone numbers, incorrect office hours, addresses, and more. 


This can harm you with prospective clients obviously (someone’s probably not going to call a law firm back if the first number didn’t work, for starters). But, it can harm you with Google, too. See, Google (and all search engines) want to be able to send users to a site that’s going to be able to help them. They want one that answers their questions. 


If your content is lacking, if your website is substandard, if your citations are wrong, then that’s less likely to happen. One of the first things you can do to help your company: start with the basics. 


Long Content the Right Way 


Here at Website Depot, our founder and CEO Danny Star has been drilling into our heads that for pieces of content to rank and rank more quickly than others, they should be at least 1800 words. 


When you see that number, you may feel compelled to use longer sentences, to run to AI, to put a lot of filler in there. 


Don’t. That’s not going to help your firm’s SEO. 


What is going to help your firm’s SEO is making sure those 1800 words have as much value as possible. 


That means making sure that there’s real, helpful, even actionable information in those 1800 words. Again, your prospective clients as well as Google are looking for exactly that. 


Really, each of those 1800 words are an opportunity. Specifically, they’re an opportunity.  Use them demonstrate your authority, your expertise, to show that you’re someone who can help a person in need. 


How do you do that? By just packing those 1800 words with value. 


To use an example, say that you’re a personal injury attorney. You want to create a personal injury attorney landing page. What could you put in those 1800 words? 


Well, you’d want to include who you are and how you can help, yes. What someone should do if they’re injured in an accident, when they talk to an insurance company – those are great topics. The kind of compensation they can expect, what the process might be, and why they shouldn’t try to represent themselves, etc. All of that can (and should) be included, too. 


How long they have to file, what injuries they might suffer as a result of their accident, awards you may have, settlements you may have won for clients in the past – those are all great. 


See how quickly 1800 words can fill up? All of that provides value, to prospective clients and Google alike. 


Everyone’s “Fighting for You” – What Makes You Special? 


Every single attorney ad I’ve seen on TV, heard on the radio, and the like, is always telling me how they’re “fighting for me.” It’s a nice sentiment – the attorney is doing everything they can for a client. But, if all you’re talking about is how you’re fighting for a client, then you’re going to sound like someone else. 


Do something that makes you stand out from the rest. Many of my clients, for example, film TikToks. They do podcasts. They take all kinds of actions to differentiate themselves from the rest. 


This helps to make a human connection, to let prospective clients know that this is someone who really can help them. 


It’s one thing to read your words on a page – it’s something else entirely to see you say them in a video. That’s where you can make that impression that makes a conversion. 


Moreover, you don’t need a Hollywood film crew to do a video, either. You have everything you need: a phone and a lifetime of legal expertise. 


Attorney SEO Experts for Your Firm


These are just some of the tips that I and the rest of the team can provide. Obviously, we do so, so much more for our attorney clients, to help them to go to the next level. We can do the same for you. For a free consultation with our professionals, just give us a call or message us through this site here.