Adding Video to Your Website Will Increase Conversion Rates

Increase Conversion Rates
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Attracting your visitors and bringing them back to your site is crucial to your company’s success. This is why more and more and website owners are adding videos to their websites to help them stand out from the competition.

But why should you do it?

Increase Conversion Rates

Deliver Your Message Quickly

Not all visitors or readers of your blog have great speed reading skills. To help them digest the information you’re giving away, you should consider making a custom video to get your message across in a way that your visitors can quickly digest your message. But don’t add videos with a goal of replacing written content. Rather, add videos that can complement your copy and strengthen your message.

Be Interesting

Adding custom video isn’t only informative but it can also be entertaining. Keep in mind that videos will view it over and over again if it’s entertaining and informative. It’s one way for them to remember your content. If they’ll love it, they’re going to share it with others until it’ll go viral.

Giving Personality

The better way to present your company’s culture and personality is through a custom video with your team in action. This is especially beneficial if your company is trying to be hip, fun and cool. It’ll surely drive home that message to your audience and increase conversion rate.

Increasing Traffic

Search engines like new content. To go the extra mile, convert your fresh content into a custom video. Optimize the video by adding targeted keywords in the video title, description and tags. This is to fully maximize the benefits of SEO. You can also further increase conversion rate by sharing your video to your social media networks. It gives you the opportunity for your videos to be shared and go viral.

However, make sure that the video you’re sharing through your social channels are truly engaging with strong calls to actions. In this way, you’ll increase new visitors to your website.

Encouraging Regular Visits

Enticing someone to your site is a good thing. But attracting them to come back over and over again is another thing. By adding exciting, useful and engaging videos to your website, your readers will be compelled to visit your site on a regular basis. This is especially true if you’re creating videos that tend to educate about a certain topic or issue.

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