Addiction Treatment SEO Mistakes You Probably Don’t Know You’re Committing

Addiction Treatment SEO Mistakes You Probably Dont Know Youre Committing

When done right, addiction treatment SEO can produce desirable results for any rehab facility. But that, of course, doesn’t come with learning experiences through errors that may hurt your chances of ranking higher on a search engine platform. 

Of course, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the major upsides of a successful SEO campaign, and you will get there by minimizing these mistakes. And this article will guide you through how to do that. 

Omitting a Business Listing via Google

You’ve probably noticed that every time you Google a business or company, their address, contact details and operating hours are included. That’s all done through Google’s Business Listing, an added feature in recent years which helps companies garner more exposure. In the case of addiction treatment centers, it’s more admissions from patients. But if you omit this particular part of your listing, you’re likely missing out on that large chunk of your market who depend on Google for their business information. Don’t commit this crucial mistake. 

Broken Website Links

You may have noticed a few broken links on some of your website articles, and you choose to pay it no mind. That, again, is another big mistake you should avoid. A dead link will compromise your user experience and therefore lessen your chances to rack up admissions for your facility. Put yourself in the shoes of a potential patient who is left in disappointment after they clicked on a link, only to be led to an error page. Be sure to do regular website audits to check if everything is up and running. 

A Weak Online Presence

Every thriving business has a strong online presence. They respond to queries from clients, and they are within reach via social media platforms. They create posts that add value to people’s lives. They have a website that contains all the necessary information. Having a weak online presence could put your legitimacy in question, and ultimately affect your chances of ranking high on a search engine. It is important to keep up and not be left behind in this age of digital technology and instant access to information. 

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