Add On to a Business with Google Analytics and AdWords

Google Analytics and AdWords
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There’s a lot of confusion around Google Analytics and AdWords: what they are, what they aren’t, and ultimately what they can do for a business. Many believe they’re synonymous with SEO, but they aren’t exactly the same. Simply put, Google Analytics and AdWords have increased specificity and brevity. If one thinks of internet marketing as a water hose, SEO is a wide spray of water, while AdWords are a narrow, focused stream. All day every day, potential customers search the internet. When they look for topics similar to a company’s AdWords, they can click on them and go right to the company’s website. Google AdWords and Analytics can assist a business in many different ways.

Google Analytics and AdWords Don’t Eliminate a Company’s Other Marketing Channels – They Help Them

Instead of swallowing other marketing channels, AdWords actually can augment them, making more them more powerful than before. That comes from a tracking capability called “remarketing.” The AdWords will actually follow a potential customer around the internet as they search from topic to topic, so that the web user is always reminded of the company. For example: if one of a company’s AdWords is “winter gloves,” even after the web user has quit searching for gloves to read the news, AdWords will make sure that ads for “winter gloves” will still appear on their page. This kind of precise targeting is unique to Google AdWords and Analytics.

Google Analytics and AdWords – Powered by Google 

AdWords makes Google quite a bit of money. They’re constantly improving them so as to make them even better. The AdWords actually continually get more and more effective. AdWords allow a company to target their ads in a variety of ways: by type of device, time of day, location, language and more. Through this, a company can truly reach their potential customers directly where they are. By that same token, as they’re “Google Analytics and AdWords,” they show up in Google partner sites. Everyone who goes to YouTube or uses Gmail can find AdWords there. AdWords reach millions of people daily.

Google Analytics and AdWords

Google Analytics and AdWords are a Safe Bet for Businesses

Every business has a cap on their online advertising budget. AdWords makes it possible to set a “maximum daily cost.” AdWords won’t exceed that, no matter what. Even better, when a business wants to increase their ads (due to a sale, event, story in the news, anything) they can do so quickly.

Management of Google Analytics and AdWords Isn’t Easy

AdWords are a powerful tool. Like any powerful tool, they’re best wielded by professionals. It takes years of experience and knowledge to be able to harness all of the nuance and make an optimized strategy to get the most out of the AdWords. That’s where the folks at Website Depot come in. Since the beginning, they’ve been working with Google Analytics and AdWords. They know better than anyone how to improve a company’s standing on Google and reach more customers than ever before. Success through Google Analytics and AdWords is literally only a click away.