A Subtle Shift Can Make a Big Difference 

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“I want to make a big change.”
“Let’s do something that changes everything.”
“I want to shake things up.”
“Let’s start it all over again.” 

Does that sound like something you’d say about your own digital marketing? 

Have you felt like you’ve tried so many different ways to improve your marketing, but nothing quite “takes off” in the way you’d want? 

That’s frustrating. Change can be necessary, it can help you to find what really works for your company. 

However, big changes aren’t always necessary. 

They can even be detrimental. 

If you’re always making “big changes,” then you probably aren’t giving your marketing its best chance. 

Sometimes, smaller changes are best. They can allow you to more accurately connect to your potential customers. 

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Re-framing in the Pandemic 


Obviously, the pandemic has forced so many companies to radically rethink how they market their products, goods, and services. We’ve gone over ways that you can “pivot,” to better meet your customers. 

What we haven’t always done is to show you just how small a successful pivot can be. For example, plenty of companies (including clients we’ve had) make activewear. “Athleisure,” “gym clothes,” whatever you want to call them – these are well-designed outfits that are perfect for the gym. 

Unfortunately, many gyms all around the world closed. 

So, a pivot is necessary. 

The key is to pivot the right way. 

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Adjusting Into the “Sweet Spot” 


Say that the athletic wear company decided that, since people aren’t going to the gym as much, they would pivot into business-attire. 

After all, many wicking polo shirts (that someone might wear on the golf course) could be worn in an informal business setting. You’d look great on Zoom, etc. 

While that might make sense in terms of meeting the moment, it might be too far, too. After all, the person who’s been shopping for workout clothes from this company might find it odd that they’re suddenly selling business attire. 

Consequently, someone who finds it very important that they look their best in a formal setting might not immediately turn to the company that has, to this point, sold athletic wear. As with anything else, the athletic wear company might get people to buy these clothes if they really slashed the prices, but that could keep them from making any profit on this pivot. That, of course, was the entire point of the pivot. 

So, now that we’ve figured out what “too far” is, it’s time to figure out a better, simpler way to go. 


Active Inside 


When you go to the gym, you exert yourself. 

Complicated physical movements that will make you sweat, requiring a full range of motion – that’s what you need from athletic wear at the gym. (With the tacit understanding, of course, that you also want to look good.) 

With the gym closed, where else do you need clothes like that? 

At home. 

You want to be comfortable when you’re cleaning. 

When you’re “freshening up.” When you go for a run. When you go for a hike. When you walk the dog. When you just curl up on the couch to watch a movie at the end of the day. 

“Pivoting” during a pandemic doesn’t have to mean “reach out to a new group of customers.” 

It can mean “reach out to your same customers, just in a different way.” Alternatively, it could mean “reach out to your same customers, just at a different point in their day.” 

A company that can do that can continue to sell their athletic wear no matter what gyms are open or anything else. 


The same goes for your company. 

There’s a pivot, some move you can make, whether large or small, that can help you to connect to your potential customers that much better. 

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