A Quick Guide to Becoming An SEO Expert in 2022

A Quick Guide to Becoming An SEO Expert in

In this day and age of digital technology, many proclaim themselves to be SEO experts. They will provide these supposed actionable tips to make your website rank better, but these pieces of advice are either very commonly used or have no backing and lack credibility. 

Now, the term ‘expert’ may be very loosely used today. But if you do it correctly, you will live up to your own hype and be a credible enough source in your own right.  So how do you become an SEO Expert in 2022? This quick guide will explain to you the ways. 

Get Yourself a Certification

Nothing says “expert” more than earning a certification. Now, you have the credentials to back up your skills. And if you’re using a professional platform like LinkedIn, you create a stronger, more credible profile for you as an individual or for your business. 

Of course, a certification won’t just magically land on your lap. You’ll need to take the necessary courses and do well enough on them before you can get this much-coveted accreditation. Most of these courses will require a payment, but what you get in return is the knowledge you won’t easily procure from anywhere else online, regardless of how vast the internet is. 

Familiarize Yourself With SEO Strategies

This, of course, is a given. In order to become an expert, you’ll need to know certain SEO strategies. Which ones to familiarize yourself with is the next big question. 

A good start would be keyword research. The name itself is self-explanatory, and the idea is simple: you get to familiarize yourself with the important keywords that your audience is looking for. 

You then develop the appropriate strategies around them by creating content that is pretty much directed at your readers. The more your content gets noticed, the more you rank higher in search engines. 

Another strategy is link building. Here, you use internal and external links to build more authority and trust for your website. 

You also have technical and on-page SEO. These involve tweaking both the technical (site map, crawlability) and on-page (headline and HTML tag optimization) strategies to build a stronger foundation for your site. 

Study the Competition 

Competitive analysis, when done correctly, can go a long way. Not only will you be familiar with the best practices employed by competitors (which you can apply to your own strategies), but you can also learn the negative practices and avoid them altogether. 

Let’s be clear with one thing: there’s nothing unethical with studying your competitors and observing what they do. If anything, it’s an instant cheat sheet that could potentially fast-track your business to success. 

Know What Search Engines Give Importance To

Keyword stuffing may work ten years ago, but Google has since vastly smartened up. Today, it pays to know what search engines prioritize. 

Just to give you an idea, some of the important factors are positive user experience, website authority, and relevance to the searcher’s intent. Keep these three in mind. 

Work With a Reliable SEO Expert

Before you become an expert yourself, you must first learn from the pros. SEO Expert Danny is here to guide you through the important processes, from web design to social media, reputation management, and affiliate marketing. For more information, visit our website or call us at (213) 322-0770.