A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words (and Clicks) – the Power of Pics 

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It’s almost impossible to overstate how important pictures are to your marketing. 

Describing something is important. But, describing it in the caption of a picture is almost always better. 

You don’t need me to tell you how critical pictures are to your marketing. 

However, there are some kinds of pictures that, as our full-service digital marketing and responsive web design services company has found, can help you to connect to even more potential clients and customers. 



Best When Done From the Outside 


Customer/user pictures can be invaluable. 

If they’ve sent them in to you or allowed you to use them, do so. 

We all know the cliche “a picture is worth a thousand words.” This is more like: “a picture is worth a thousand Yelp reviews.” 

Sure, potential customers want to read great reviews about how great your company is. That said, those can be boosted tremendously by customer pictures. 

You don’t have to take our word for this, either. 

A study found that “nearly two-thirds (62%) of consumers from Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the UK, and the US said they were more likely to buy a product if they were able to view customer photos and videos.” 

So, it stands to reason that you want to collect videos and pictures from your customers. 

If you don’t have many, consider running a promotion. 

Have a giveaway or discount someone’s only eligible for if they send you pictures or videos. 

Another way that customer photos and videos can be a boon for your company: complaints. 

If someone is unhappy with your product or service and includes a photo, you can use that to figure out what went wrong (if anything did) and how best to address it. 

Those are the kinds of challenges that, with a bit of quick thinking, can end up being opportunities to better establish your company’s authority and expertise. 



If You Take Your Own Pictures


First off, take it seriously. 

Take good pictures. 

Light your products well. 

“Our products sell themselves” is one thing. “Our products can sell themselves through shoddy, unprofessional, and hastily taken photos” is another. 

There is one place for “hastily taken photos” in your marketing, of course: in the course of a day. 

If you’re looking for what to take pictures of, “your team/product hard at work” is almost always a good idea. 

That’s a place where a potential customer could understand that the pictures were less than professionally taken, as the product/your staff were hard at work at the time. 

Another thing to consider if you’re unsure what to take pictures of: consider what your potential customers/clients want. 

For example, to return to that study, “roughly a quarter (24%) of respondents said the extra information may highlight something that wasn’t obvious.” 

I ask our clients this all the time on my podcast: “what’s something the layperson may not know about who you are/what you do?” 

That’s the kind of thing that shows off what’s special about your company, what separates you/your products/services from the rest. 

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