A Picture is Worth a Thousand Sales: the Power of Instagram 

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It’s almost difficult to overstate the importance of Instagram for businesses. 

The days of it only being an app for kids passed long ago. 

Inexpensive and easy to use, Instagram might be the most accessible social media platform. That’s true for people and businesses. 

We help businesses to do better on Instagram as well as in other forms of social media. You can grow whether you are just starting out or you already have tens of thousands (and more) followers. 


People Use Instagram to Find Brands 

Maybe more so than all of the other kinds of social media, people find businesses on Instagram. For example, the percentage of Instagram users who have used it to find products or new brands is at 83%. 

Think of how many millions of people are on Instagram.
More than four-fifths of them are looking for businesses on there. 

We don’t want to overstate this. 

Obviously, of that 83%, they aren’t all looking for a business like yours. They may not be in your area, it may be impossible to get your goods or services to them, and so forth. 

However, of that 83%, the odds are quite good that your company has some yet-untapped customers in there. 

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Instagram Puts You In Control 

If you look at the Facebook article linked above, you’ll find that just about 80% of people on Instagram use it to help make a decision about what product or service to buy. 

While you can’t control Instagram’s algorithm or anything like that, what you can do is make sure your business is presented in the best possible way. 

When someone is looking for a business like yours and they come across your Instagram posts, you have the power to control how you come across them. 

What we can do is make it so that more people see you in your best light. 


Any Business Can Get Started Now 

It can be easy to be intimidated by Instagram. That’s particularly true if you’re just starting out. You might look at your competitors only to see that they have what look like professionally produced videos, pictures, and the like. 

That all can help. 

But, you might not need it. 

You almost assuredly don’t need it to get started. 

You can take pictures and make videos today. 

Show what your company does. 

Highlight something you excel at. 

Or, if nothing else, show your employees working through the course of the day. 

You may not have everything you need to go as far as you’d like, but, with what you have around you, you can take those first steps. 

We can help with everything else. For more: (888) 477-9540.