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Las Vegas Digital Marketing


Website Depot, the award-winning digital marketing agency, is proud to announce its newly-established presence in Fabulous Las Vegas.  The city was carefully selected to expand our team of SEO Experts, Web Designers in Las Vegas, Social Media Managers, and PPC Experts into one of the most consistently-growing cities in the country.

Having started in LA, our Las Vegas Digital Marketing team was carefully selected to branch out and establish a relationship with Las Vegas businesses in a way that builds fruitful, profitable, and lasting relationships.


Las Vegas SEO Gurus

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It’s not just a localized service, it’s an approach that is unique and must be taken to stand out amongst fierce competition. One can rank for words, but we pay special attention to the numbers: What keywords get the most queries? Which keywords convert the most?  What are the key performance indicators for each individual business?

Digital Marketing Las Vegas

Digital Marketing in Las Vegas: How is it unique?

Las Vegas SEO Experts

Before making the decision to branch out to this bustling region, our team of digital marketing experts took a close inventory of challenges that have been common in greater Las Vegas primary industries– Gambling, Hotels, Hospitality, Tourism, Logistics, and Aerospace.


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Each of these can be easily influenced by the whims of the economy, news events, travel pricing, and major events.  This is why it’s as important as ever to take full control of both your business’ website, it’s a presentation, along with enhancing presence, expertise, and viability in other parts of the web such as social media, industry blogs, press, and search queries.   



Las Vegas SEO Services

Major Key Performance Indicators typical to businesses in Vegas:

Travel bookings

Hotel Bookings

Ticket Sales

B2B Inventory Orders

Foot Traffic

Social Media Mentions


For the most part, intent must be established for who you want to rank high for.  Meaning, hotels, and travel accommodations are normally searched by people outside of the region, many of which are outside of the country or state.  For dining and entertainment attractions, it is often segmented between a mix of both locally-run searches and searches outside of the region.


In the logistics industry, it must be taken into account that a great majority of these queries are made outside of the region as well, so it’s important to establish a presence.


When you speak to a Las Vegas digital marketing expert, we’ll establish with you what goals we’re going to specifically target– each of these have a unique approach towards success, and each of these impact the bottom line in different ways– depending on your core business. A Las Vegas SEO Consultant will always be available to answer the questions that are most perftie

Online Reputation Management


One of America’s fastest-growing cities needs one of the fastest-growing digital marketing services readily available at the drop of a hat.  Website Depot has the expertise and track record of preserving, maintaining, and fixing matters of a reputation for our clients online.


Online reputation management, or ORM, is the practice of presenting a well-curated set of numerous sources that positively reinforce the business or individual. All too often we’ve seen people or businesses take a passive approach to what people read online about them, only to find out that irreparable damage has been done in the eyes of some.


We take a full inventory of what your reputation is online and formulate a plan that will put your best foot forward and make a great first impression on those who look you up.


In the words of the great Don Draper:  “If you don’t like what people are saying about you, change the conversation.”


Las Vegas Web Design


The design and performance of a business’ website cannot be overlooked. It’s unfortunate that a place such as a website is the most easily controllable, yet the most often neglected among business owners and marketers. As it pertains to search engine optimization in Las Vegas, a website must load quickly, perform on mobile devices, and deliver an easy and attractive user experience. If the website fails in any of these three, it can have dire consequences to any marketing budget.  


Have a talk with a Website Depot marketing guru to put your business’ website on a path to success.  We specialize in turning underperforming websites into conversion vehicles.


Working With Website Depot LV: The Process


Upon contacting us for a consultation you will be put in touch with a Las Vegas SEO Consultant who will gather all pertinent information: we’ll take down the basics, who you are, what kind of business you’re in, your domain address, your goals, and who your competitors are. We’ll run tests (on the house) to see where you stand, and where we need to get you to get to that ideal position of #1 in traffic and #1 in search engines.  


Get a Free Site and Search Audit: Our audits cover areas for improvement on your website.  Next, we’ll probe your brand’s current presence across the web.  In many cases, we can identify money keywords for you and let you know what your competitors are doing on this front.  

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