7 Tips to Rank Higher on Google Maps

These days, Google seems to be considering other factors to determine your Google maps ranking. Google maps is becoming a competitive place to be in, so Google is giving more weight age to what other people are saying about you rather than what you have to say.

What exactly can you do to rank better in Google maps?

1 Review your website and make sure that your contact details are accurate:

You need to look authentic. If your website has incorrect contact details like: multiple addresses and contact details listed for one store front, Google will discredit you. So, make only one listing per one physical business entity.

2 Get more inbound links and citations from important data hubs

Google will recheck your information against reputable sources like review sites and other data sources. Your business will gain in authenticity and ranking if the data matches with other good standing web sites. Google is tapping into different sources for data. What are the trustworthy data providers in your niche?

3 Users reviews help your ranking

Google is giving increasing weight age to user reviews. You have very little control over what is said about your business online. However, you can increase your rating by making sure that customers who are happy with your services give you feedback. Do not write fake reviews. A higher rating will improve your ranking too.

Local SEO Tips

4 Use your categories wisely

Google gives you the option to choose five categories for your business. Your first category must be the one most relevant to your business. Use secondary categories to be specific by adding location to your niche. E.g.: May beach realtor.

5 Display your accurate business address on your contact page:

Make sure that your contact details, as displayed on your contact page are accurate. Google will recheck this data with Google maps and other authentic data sources.

6 Focus on the quality of your inbound links:

Google will trust your website more, if you have high quality inbound links. Get quality links from your local chamber of commerce website, data hubs like Merchant circle and list your website in relevant business directories. These listing are also a good source of organic traffic to your website. So allocate some funds to get listed in online business directories.

7 Use your keywords wisely

Your inbound links should have actual location key words like “New York Mac Donald’s “

Use location key words in your Google maps listing description too, for better SEO. Be specific. Say something like “Happy meal coupons in New York.”

Keeping up with Google can be a tiring task, but completely worth it for your business.