6 Ways SEO Can Help Addiction Treatment Website Rank Higher

 Ways SEO Can Help Addiction Treatment Website Rank Higher

SEO is the science of getting any site to rank higher in Google for the terms that convert into leads. This method of ranking higher can also be applied to addiction treatment center websites. But how can addiction treatment SEO help your marketing team in getting more leads for admissions? 

How Addiction Treatment SEO Can Take Your Site to the Next Level? 

The majority of online searches start with a search engine. After searching, these people click through the top results. The first position in search terms gets around 33% of clicks while the second position is getting 15% of click shares. Only a small percentage of people are clicking results number 5 and below. Thus, if you rank at number 1 for a search team related to your site, you can get around 300 clicks to your website. 

Now, how can your treatment center’s website move to the top of the search results? Here are the things that SEO Expert Danny can do to your center. 

1. Improve Page Loading Speed 

SEO isn’t just about publishing high-quality content but it’s also about improving your page’s loading time. A slow website impacts how your visitors engage with your page. And if they have negative interactions with your site, it will surely hurt your ranking. 

2. Produce High-Quality Content 

In addition to producing high-quality content, SEO also needs updated content. To drive more traffic to your site, you must provide your visitors with a reason to keep coming back. One of those reasons is to ensure that your content is fresh and newsworthy. 

3. Optimize Images 

Images and videos are vital for your site. However, they can cause a heavy load. In other words, they can negatively impact the site’s speed load. But this can be alleviated by optimizing them to improve SEO ranking. 

4. Blog Often 

No, blogging isn’t dead. It’s actually more useful now than ever. It’s great for your addiction treatment center because it can help in generating leads. With blog posts, your visitors will be more engaged with your website. Since you need to produce fresh, updated content, blogs can be a perfect channel to help you accomplish this goal. 

5. Increase Site’s Credibility 

Sure, you can make claims about your treatment center. But you need to back them up. This can be done by adding citations from authority sources. And make sure that the information from those sites is recent. 

6. Fix Broken Links 

Broken links can affect your SEO ranking. If your visitors click a link to your site and bring them to an invalid website, it can cause a negative experience. And negative experiences can affect your SEO ranking. SEO Expert Danny’s team will find any broken links and fix them. 

What Other Things to Do? 

These aren’t the only things that can boost your treatment center’s ranking. Call SEO Expert Danny today to know more about our addiction treatment SEO service. If your site’s ranking is nowhere to be found on Google, contact us immediately: +1 (213) 322-0770.