6 Tricks to Maximize Your Site’s Ranking and Traffic

 Tricks to Maximize Your Sites Ranking and Traffic

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process. It means that you need to get yourself updated on every change to Google’s algorithm. Keep in mind that a small mistake could easily knock off your ranking from the top spot. Thus, keeping up with the changes is vital when optimizing your site. It also means that your on-page SEO must be on point. 

What are the Important Search Engine Optimization Tricks to Consider? 

SEO is vital to ensure that your website appears on top of the first five organic results. According to this report, “Studies indicate that “71.33% of searches resulted in a page 1 Google organic click. Page two and three only get 5.59% of clicks. On the first page alone, the first five results account for 67.60% of all the clicks, and the results from 6 to 10 account for only 3.73%.” It means that if you wish to get more traffic, you need to be on top. 

What to Do? 

1. Improve Content 

Content remains the king. Without content, your site’s ranking won’t go anywhere. However, make sure that your content adheres to the EAT guidelines of Google. It means that it has to be written by an expert with authority so that customers will trust the post. 

2. Feature the Right Keywords 

Keywords will tell the search engines what your page is all about. Thus, it’s vital to include keywords in the body of your content, headings, and title of the page. And make sure that you include long-tail keywords, as well. But to find the right keywords to use, you must know what your target customers are looking for. From there, you will know what content you need to create that would definitely interest them. 

3. Write for Human Visitors and Search Engines

It’s an art to write both for human visitors and search engines. That’s why it’s quite challenging to write such copy that adheres to the best SEO practices. But it doesn’t have to be. You simply need to make your content to be readable. That is, it must be easily scannable. It must not overuse keywords. Then, make sure that each sentence is short. You should also use subheadings and use bulleted lists, when necessary. 

4. Use Photos, Videos, and Infographics

They are virtual assets that can make your content more interesting. Consumers are more interested in watching videos than reading text-based content. Thus, you must integrate these visual assets to significantly improve your site. 

5. Optimize Your Images 

Your virtual assets must be optimized properly. To do that, you need to add SEO-friendly alt tags. Then, make sure that you choose the right format and file size. Customize file names and make sure that the images are mobile-friendly. 

6. Make the Site Speed Faster 

A slow-loading site frustrates visitors. It can hurt your search ranking. If you don’t want that to happen, make sure to improve your site’s speed. Not sure how to do it? You may want to choose our search engine optimization services at SEO Expert Danny. Find out more here: (855) 605-7361.