6 SEO Services You Should Get From Your Agency

SEO services
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Every agency is different. Each company requires different strategies applied in different ways to succeed. However, there are some baseline SEO services that you should expect from any digital marketing agency you partner with. 

SEO services

Comprehensive and Objective SEO Audit 

One of the first services any digital marketing agency performs for you (and often the very first service an agency does for you) is an SEO audit. This looks at your current SEO strategy in total. From there, a competent agency can determine what isn’t working, as well as what is working and how to build upon it. 

Even if you haven’t yet tried SEO, a good agency should look at your website as well as everything else you’re already doing with a focus on how it can potentially aid SEO. That way, you can “hit the ground running,” so to speak. 

Audit of Your Competition, Too 

Alongside an audit of your company’s strategy, a good agency should audit your competitor’s strategies, too. Many digital marketing agencies tend to look at three competitors, but this varies from company to company, industry to industry. 

This audit looks at who you’re up against, seeing what they’re succeeding with as well as figuring out where their weaknesses are. That way, you can exploit those, giving your company a leg up. We’ve found that many agencies do this at the very beginning and never again. The right agency should look at your competitors throughout the year. That way, you aren’t caught off guard by what your competition is doing and don’t miss opportunities. 

SEO services

A Strategy for Your Company 

Your company is unique, so it shouldn’t have the SEO strategy of some other company. You deserve SEO strategies that are tailored to your business. Yes, there are inexpensive digital marketing companies out there who promise “cheap” SEO. What that means is that you’ll get someone else’s strategy, possibly literally copied and pasted from one company to yours. 

What that means (among other negative factors) is that you’ll get an ROI that’s far, far below what your company could have earned. You’re never going to get onto the first page of search results with someone else’s strategy, nor are you likely to grow. However, with a strategy made just for your company by a good digital marketing agency, you have a chance. 

On-Page and Off-Page Optimization 

On-page and Off-page optimization are some of the most important SEO services out there. On-page, for example, optimizes your website’s features for Google. This includes a wide variety of tasks. A detailed and accurate sitemap, using the best practices for optimizing images on your site, researching/optimizing the best keywords for your company throughout your site, and more.

By keeping meta descriptions, title as well as header tags updated, in addition to making sure your site is as responsive as possible, you’ll have a better chance to climb the Google Rankings. Speaking of your site, on-page optimization services also include strengthening your site’s internal linking structure, making sure that the redirects and information architecture work as they should and so much more. 

Off-page optimization, on the other hand, is about getting the most out of ranking factors that aren’t on your website. That could mean creating content for your site’s blog that folks are going to want to share, promoting your site to relevant webmasters, bloggers, and more. One thing any decent marketing agency will do in this regard: optimize your Google My Business profile. Indeed, that should be one of the first tasks. 

Honest Reporting Monthly 

When you partner with a digital marketing agency for SEO services, you deserve to be treated like a partner. Partners don’t lie, they don’t exaggerate – they tell the truth because both parties are in this together. So, you deserve to have a marketing agency that shows you monthly transparent reporting about how everything is going. 

This report could cover your rankings, organic traffic, conversion rate, and more. Moreover, it should cover any increases as well as decreases, too. Beyond monthly reports, you should have monthly (or more frequent) meetings with someone from your agency, too. This can help significantly with cohesion, with everyone being “on the same page,” so to speak. 

Ongoing Optimization and Services 

SEO may rise and dip a bit but it never ends. A digital marketing agency you work with should feel like an extension of your business, of what you’re trying to do. Any good agency, for example, will be able to scale with your company. Thus, as you grow, they’ll be able to provide you with more services, so that you don’t plateau or even fall back. 

To that same end, you want an agency that features progressive optimization. Eventually, with the right digital marketing agency, you’ll catch and outrank your competitors. However, odds are that they won’t take that sitting down, they’ll try to improve, too. Thus, it’s important (for so many reasons) to work with an agency that keeps trying to find ways to make your SEO better so that you keep growing, no matter what. 

SEO services

Our Seventh Service: In-House Creative

The above are some of the SEO basics that you should get from any agency. However, the right agency offers so much more than just the basics. For example, at this point, they should also offer in-house content creation, too. That means award-winning professional writers with years of experience who can work with you on getting the voice for your writing exactly right. 

That said, you need more than just writing to succeed, too. A digital marketing agency with an in-house video production team, consisting of directors, editors, writers, actors, and the like, can help your company to climb the rankings even higher. 

Everything mentioned above is something that we offer here at Website Depot. For companies in so many different industries, we’ve offered full-service digital marketing and SEO services. Call for a free consultation at (888) 477-9540.