6 Reasons Any Law Firm Needs Attorney SEO

 Reasons Any Law Firm Needs Attorney SEO

Clients rely heavily on search engines when choosing a law firm. Organic search accounts for 53% of all website traffic. Paid search, on the other hand, drives only 27%. In that case, if you focus on SEO, your law firm’s website is likely to appear on top of the search result for terms you’re targeting for. And for you to achieve it, you need the help of an attorney SEO expert. 

Attorney SEO Service Can Offer Long-Lasting Impact 

Compared to PPC, legal SEO can provide you with a long-lasting impact. With that in mind, your rankings can pay dividends for a longer period. Unlike PPC and sponsored ads where you lease your marketing visibility, SEO creates an asset that your law firm can own. 

1. Converts Better 

Between social media and search traffic, the latter can convert 10 times better than the former. Google and other search engines are getting better at understanding the meaning behind key phrases that people type into them. Thus, people use search engines more to cut through all the noise. Because many people are using search, it only makes sense that your law firm must be built to be found using search engines. 

2. Competitors Care About SEO 

The top law firms in the US get their site traffic through search engines. The emphasis on search engines as a vital marketing channel indicates how important attorney SEO really is. Most people go to search engines to find legal services. Prospective clients are using organic searching when seeking legal advice. When they visit a law firm’s website, they take action. 

3. Brings Highly Qualified Prospects

The quality of traffic you get from search is high. It means that the people who visit your site from the search engines will convert into clients. The reason for this is that anyone who uses search engines has a specific intent. That’s why it’s vital for you to ensure that you satisfy that intent so the visitors will stay longer. 

4. Sustainable Marketing

PPC’s lifespan is short-lived. It needs constant maintenance, manipulation, and investment to get quick results. But the moment you stop, you lose the momentum. Organic traffic is evergreen. It takes time but the results are long-lasting. Once you have gained visibility online, it can serve your business for many years. 

5. Cost-Effective 

Paid traffic is expensive. Unfortunately, a click isn’t guaranteed that your visitor will convert to clients. It takes a massive budget to keep optimizing the ad creative. But organic SEO strategy is low-cost and high-impact. It’s not free because you still have to pay for SEO experts to optimize your site. But the difference is still cheaper than PPC. However, it can give you a higher ROI in the long run. 

6. Get Your Competitive Edge 

SEO is non-negotiable. Other attorneys in your area are already using it. They are pouring time and money into this approach. To give you a competitive edge, make sure to call SEO Expert Danny to inquire about our attorney SEO services: (213) 322-0770.