4 Overlooked Search Engine Optimization Tips

 Overlooked Search Engine Optimization Tips

Search Engine Optimization is integral to succeeding in the digital age. Many of you know about keyword research, content creation, and website optimization. But there are a few overlooked tips that can take your brand to the next level. Here’s what the experts have to say.

Update Old Content

It’s easy to consider content creation as a one-and-done job. Once a blog post is written, edited, and uploaded, it’s good, right? Wrong! Updating old content is crucial to maintaining a high search ranking. Fresh content typically ranks higher than older pieces, so it’s essential to go back and update previous blog posts. For instance, a “Top 2020 List” needs to be updated each year to remain relevant. Other posts can be upgraded with new keywords, grammar, links, and other fixes.

Don’t Forget Long-Tail Keywords

It’s crucial to target long-tail keywords and phrases alongside your regular search terms. Long-tail words are more specific and have a greater intent than standard key terms. How so? Someone searching “What’s the best motor oil for an older car” has more intention than simply “motor oil.” Targeting longer tail terms can help you identify and narrow down users. You might create content that advertises oil changes for older vehicles or the best synthetic products. 

Optimize Your Website

It’s crucial to optimize your website for all devices, including tablets, iPhones, Android, and desktop computers. Make sure your site loads quickly and is easy to navigate across all platforms. This will allow users to access your site effectively and increase your ranking in search queries. 

Include Internal Links

It’s not enough to write content and upload it to your site. No, you need to include internal links to relevant pages on your website. Including links helps users stay on your site for longer, which improves your Google ranking. The longer a user stays on your site, the more likely they are to use your services and recommend your products. Try to include two to five internal links per blog post. The links should be relevant to the main piece of content. For example, you may not want to include a link to dog food on a page about hamster cages. Using this strategy provides users with constant value and paints your website as an authority figure in search queries. 

Search Engine Optimization

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