4 Areas SEO Service Packages Must Cover

SEO service packages
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The phrase “SEO service packages” can be misused a bit online. 

Too often, a digital marketing company will use it as an excuse to get a client to pay for services they do not need. 

That said, there are some basic fundamentals that each of these packages requires. No SEO package is complete without them. 

SEO service packages


First, the one everyone knows. 

A website is nothing without content. 

Obviously, you want your content to inform while providing value, ultimately helping to drive conversions. You can better craft content or your website by figuring out what you want it to say.

For example, you want content that can boost your authority, that lets someone know why they should do business with you (and not with someone else). Some of the most effective forms of this marketing are testimonials, reviews, case studies, and more. 

By that same token, you want content that lays out the “nuts and bolts,” so to speak, of your services. That way, folks will know exactly what you do, how you’ll do it, and so forth. 

Additionally, you will want content that shows you’re an expert that people can rely on. 

SEO relies, in part, on making sure that all of this content is optimized. That way, when your SEO gets to the point where you’re put in front of potential customers/clients, they’ll be able to see the very best of your company. 

Technical SEO 

While the phrase “technical SEO” can sound intimidating, all it really means is: “making your site so that a search engine can read it.” That’s it. 

It’s important to note that much of “technical SEO” isn’t something that you do after the site is launched. Rather, it’s often addressed during the design and development of your site. 

Technical SEO encompasses quite a bit. Beyond making sure that a search engine is able to explore your site, you also need to make sure that it utilizes tech or CMS that makes it easier on search engines. It’s crucially important that search engines know which pages on your site they should index and return. 

Of course, you want your site to be optimized for mobile while also having the fastest page load times possible. The way that you structure content on your site can’t be overlooked, either. 

Take care of all of that, and your site will have made the most out of technical SEO. 

SEO service packages

On-site SEO 

For many companies, this is the next step after taking care of the technical SEO. 

This is where many of the “traditional” SEO services that you may have heard of previously come into play. 

Researching the right keywords for your business, making sure those keywords appear organically in the title of your content, and then writing a meta description that puts your company in the best light. 

Before that content goes up, making sure there’s a clear, direct call to action at the end. That way, your users will know exactly what the next step is (and why they should take it). 

However, “on-site” SEO is about more than just the keywords that you use. 

After all, even if you have the best, most well-researched keywords, odds are your SEO is going to suffer if your UX isn’t as great as it could be. 

You want people to be able to use your site so naturally, easily, and effortlessly, they really don’t end up thinking about it. 

This is the part of SEO where you really want to “think like a customer.” How would they use your site? If you can deliver them a good experience, the more likely it is they’ll return. 

SEO service packages

Off-Site SEO 

Another name for “off-site SEO” could be “build links the right way.” 

No matter how great, informative, and authoritative your content is, you can’t build your company’s authority entirely on your own. 

Getting links from relevant sources can help your company as well as your SEO. 

Still, after all this time, the best way to get great backlinks is to create content worthy of backlinks. 

That’s worth more than any “backlink schemes” or something of that nature. “More” links won’t help as much as just a few good ones will. 

It can be frustrating, but creating something of value can grow your SEO (while providing potential clients/customers with something they won’t forget). 

SEO Service Packages Available 

The above are the fundamental basics of any SEO service package. 

Here at Website Depot, we offer different SEO service packages for different kinds of businesses. 

That way, you can get a package that specifically fits your business. 

Even with that said, we’ll craft your SEO (as well as the rest of your marketing) to what your business needs. 

For a free consultation, you can reach us at (888) 477-9540.