3 Mindsets to Give the Gift of Great Content This Holiday Season 

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Do you feel the pressure to create holiday content for your site but don’t know what to do? Does it feel like your competition has all kinds of holiday content out there, videos, blogs, podcasts, and the like, while you’re stuck staring at a blank page? This is more common than you might think. The holidays can very well be the most magical time of year, yes, but they can be the most stressful, too. These are some methods I use to create content for our omnichannel digital marketing and SEO agency in Los Angeles

You’ll note that these aren’t structures, they aren’t paradigms, they aren’t a way for you to “plug and play.” Rather, they’re ways of using your brain to get into the mindset of creating great content. When I think in this fashion, it helps me to think about what the customer wants during this holiday season. 

That’s true whether I’m writing for attorneys, for rehab/treatment centers, or for anyone else. Try it. It might just work for you, too. 

Use Your Experience 

When we sit down to create content for our audiences, particularly when there’s a deadline and a bit of pressure, it’s very easy to focus solely on the customer. You might go over what they want, over and over again in your head. If this works for you, great, but it doesn’t always work for me. If I need somewhere to start, especially during the holidays, I’ll think of my own experiences. 

What challenges do I face during the holidays? What have I (or my family members, friends, etc.) had to deal with during the holiday season? Then, once I’ve established that, I can go about determining how the goods/services of the company I’m writing for can solve those problems. 

This can help to connect you emotionally to the content you’re creating. By doing this, it makes it all the more likely that someone consuming your content will be emotionally connected to it as well. If they are, then you’re one step closer to a conversion. 

Why? Because it’s coming from a real place. It doesn’t come from something you Googled, nor does it come from something that was read from anywhere else. Instead, it comes from your own life, your own experiences. People are much more likely to be drawn to that. 

Appeal to One Part of Your Audience and Its Opposite 

When we create content, we have the audience profile in mind. We know who we’re trying to appeal to and why. If you’re like me, you know a whole lot about them: you have a comprehensive profile of who the audience is, what kind of solutions they’re looking for, how we can provide them, and so forth. 

When it comes to holiday content, however, always keep in mind that there’s someone looking for the alternative, too. This can help make sure that you appeal to as many people as possible. 

For example, I have several clients who offer food during the holidays. So, of course, I write those blogs/create those videos/podcasts which showcase how great they are for a holiday feast, for an enormous meal with all of those who are near and dear to us, yes. 

But, for every person looking to have the most epic holiday feast of their lifetime, there’s also someone watching their weight. For each person who sees no problem spending as much as possible on the holiday, there’s someone else who’s going to be frugal this year. 

So, to get as many folks as possible to your content, be sure to appeal to both groups. 

This can be easier than it seems. As many of us see the holiday as a chance to “cut loose,” (whether it’s in terms of diet, finances, or both) you can appeal to them by showcasing your most expensive items, your most decadent, etc. 

By that same token, you can also create content with an eye towards “Saving Money This Holiday Season” and “Great Food Items to Keep the Pounds Off Heading Into 2024.” 

You’ll note I said “holiday,” too. That’s one more easy, effective way to appeal to as many folks as possible. 

When In Doubt, Visualize a Holiday Party 

If you’re stuck about who to write for (or who to direct your content to) during the holiday season, just think of everyone that you’ve seen or interacted with at a holiday party. 

Visualize a big holiday party. One you attended. Doesn’t have to have been recently. In fact, it could have been one many years ago. Look around. Who do you see? 

If you’re like me, you see the people throwing the party. You see the guests who brought dishes, who brought gifts. Maybe you see kids: little ones as well as tweens and teens. Perhaps you see some aunts, uncles, and grandparents. I would imagine there’s also some dogs, cats, and other pets there, too. 

Now, all you have to do is to appeal to all applicable groups with your content. At this point, it’s easy. Just point out how your goods/services can benefit everyone at that party. 

Sure, if you’re a lawyer, perhaps the kids and dogs aren’t exactly searching for the right personal injury lawyer right now. But, their parents may be. So, showcasing how you can help in, say, a dog bite injury case or what to do if your kids are harmed by another can’t hurt. 

Everyone has to buy gifts for someone else. Moreover, everyone has to buy gifts for someone else that is notoriously difficult to buy gifts for. The more niche your product is, paradoxically, the more it may be a befitting gift, as it’s something that even the toughest-to-buy-for person may not have. 

When you open your mind just a little bit, there are plenty of great content ideas out there. 

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