3 Helpful Traffic-Boosting Tips From SEO Experts

 Helpful Traffic Boosting Tips From SEO Experts

It will likely take years before anyone can be considered an SEO expert. It’s an endeavor that requires hours of research and first-hand experience to have a deep understanding of what search engine optimization is really all about. Then there’s the constant evolution of technology, which happens very rapidly. As you’re just learning about effective SEO tricks today, Google will have made its updates, and you’re back in square one.

If you’re reading this, you’re likely far from being an expert, and that’s OK. Everyone starts out at the bottom of the totem pole. But it’s always beneficial to learn from other more seasoned specialists, which is why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to compile some of their best tips. After reading this, hopefully, you at least have a better understanding of the SEO game to make a good enough impact on your digital project.

Look at SEO Beyond Just Google Rankings

When we think of SEO, we automatically associate it with rankings. That’s why when it comes to search engine optimization, many companies make it solely about appearing on the first page of Google. And while that’s well and good, it’s important to know that SEO is way more than just the rankings.

As stated by Main Street ROI CEO and founder Phil Frost, digital marketers should “understand how SEO fits into the bigger picture” of the overall strategy. You must also pay attention to how your site converts the generated traffic into leads. A few ways to do that would be creating reliable and valuable content, displaying customer testimonials, and excellent user experience, among others.

Prioritize User Experience

The internet defines user experience as a broad terminology used to gauge a user’s interaction with a digital product. It ranges from the navigation of a site’s pages to the relevance of the existing content displayed on the platform. And in a nutshell, poor user experience can affect a site’s SEO rank.

There are several ways to boost user experience, like making your platform mobile-friendly or using high-resolution images. But as Backlinko’s founder Brian Dean also suggests, medium-tail keywords should be utilized.

His explanation caters more to appeasing RankBrain, the machine learning system that assists Google in deciding which pages should rank. Dean says that medium-tail keywords are automatically recognized by RankBrain. It’s as simple as that.

Make Customer Reviews Come Off As Genuine

Client and user testimonials are vital in a potential buyer’s decision-making process. It’s the closest thing one can experience to going on a test drive of a prospective new vehicle. And as Near Media’s Mike Blumenthal advises, making these reviews appear genuine should be part of the site owner’s obligations.

That simply means being transparent with the reviews you show. For one, there should be a balanced mix of both the positive and negative. And if you are giving out incentives to those who post a review, that should be made transparent.

An SEO Expert Who Can Get the Job Done

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