2022 Insights: What Can a Digital Marketing Agency Do For You? 

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Have you been wondering: “why exactly do I need a digital marketing agency in 2022? I can find a bunch of this stuff online, is it really necessary to pay someone else to do it?” Those are perfectly valid questions. There is no shortage of information online about putting together your own digital marketing packages, SEO research, and so forth. However, there’s still nothing like working with an agency. 

No matter which industry you’re in, how long your company has been around, or what’s going on with your business at this moment, an agency may be able to help in a variety of ways. As times change, so too do the reasons for working with an agency. Below are some of the reasons that our clients have joined us and stuck with us over the last decade-plus. digital marketing agency

Putting in the Work 

An omnichannel marketing agency, such as ours, can devise an SEO strategy for your company. Moreover, we can manage your paid ads, create marketing automation to fit your company, establish and maintain your social media marketing, grow your email marketing, and build your website from the ground up, all while designing content such as blogs, landing pages, videos, podcasts, and more. 

You might say: “OK, but those are all things that I can do.” Perhaps. But, any time you and your company spend on those is time that you don’t spend doing something else. You should work with a marketing agency that is, well, a marketing agency. That means that all they do is digital marketing. Thus, they can devote their entire team (or several members of their team) to working solely on your marketing. 

This means that you should work with an agency who can do the important “big” tasks (such as building your website) as well as the important, time-consuming “small” tasks (such as optimizing your website, researching your keywords, and so forth). “Small” is in quotation marks because those tasks really aren’t “small” at all. Rather, they’re crucially important to the growth of your company. 

When you work with an omnichannel agency, they can put in the time and effort to make sure that your marketing is exactly as it should be. 

digital marketing agency

Having the Experience 

We’ve made some version of the argument in the above section to various prospective clients in the past. Sometimes, they respond with something like: “OK… but can’t I just hire my own in-person marketing person? Can’t they do all of that?” Again, sure, they may be able to do some of that. It’s entirely possible that they’ll do some of that work, devoting their entire day to one task or another. 

But, in the end, they most likely won’t have the experience that a professional agency would. Moreover, they almost certainly won’t have the resources of an agency, either. It’s important to note that, when we say “experience,” we don’t just mean “we have team members who have been doing digital marketing for decades” (although we do). Rather, we mean the “experience” that comes from working with several members of a team. 

Here at Website Depot, we are a true digital marketing team. Thus, our web designers have experience, as do our SEO experts, our writers, graphic designers, everyone from our CEO to our podcast hosts – they all have experience. Thus, all of the work they do for you will build upon that experience. 

To hire your own marketing person is to do exactly that: hire a person. Maybe they have some experience, in one task or another, but the odds are not good at all they’ll have more experience than an entire team. 

The same goes for resources. Here at Website Depot, we have so many different resources, from our own offices, to studios, to production teams, and more. We have far more resources than any one person could have. So, we’re a better deal than if you were to hire an in-person marketing team, as you’d have to pay for the resources, too. 

When you work with an agency in 2022, you should be with one that has an experienced team who has the resources to help your company to grow. 

digital marketing agency

Seeing Where the Industry is (and Where It’s Going) 

Any marketing agency your company works with now should be a marketing agency. That means that they’re fully committed to growing organic traffic to the websites of their clients and that they’re devoted to generating leads that are truly sales-ready. Thus, you shouldn’t work with an agency that only does some of that, or does that some of the time. Additionally, you want an agency that’s always looking to improve. 

In the last few years, we’ve seen just how much digital marketing can change. Moreover, we’ve seen how much it changes in defiance of expert predictions, planning, and more. Obviously, no one could have foreseen a pandemic in the context of digital marketing nor the resultant changes from it. So, you want to work with an agency that is always looking to improve, to stay agile, that’s on top of the digital marketing industry. 

That way, they’re always looking a bit into the future to help your company to grow. They can keep you abreast of what’s new and hot right now, in hopes that you’ll be able to harness some of it for your company’s growth. Moreover, you want to work with an agency that truly understands your brand. The right agency knows what works for your brand and what doesn’t so that your brand continues to be what you want it to be. 

For example, here at Website Depot, we’ve helped plenty of companies to get started and grow their TikTok marketing. It’s easy to think: “Well, I’m not sure how many of our prospective customers are on TikTok.” But the truth is often: “more than you might think.” As an agency that takes our clients’ brands very seriously, we’ve helped some companies to grow their reach through TikTok and other means. 

A Digital Marketing Agency for 2022 and Beyond 

Those are just some of the reasons that, yes, even in 2022, it still pays to work with an agency. Here at Website Depot, we’ve worked with so many different kinds of companies in a wide variety of industries. Thus, we have digital marketing packages that can be right for your company. Or, as we also offer customized packages, we can put together one that’s right for you. 

For a free consultation with experts from our digital marketing agency to see how we can help, you can reach us at (888) 477-9540.