2022 Cannabis Marketing Agency Strategies that Work 

cannabis marketing agency
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Have you been struggling to find a way to differentiate your cannabusiness from the rest? Does it feel like no matter what you do you don’t quite stand out? That’s completely understandable. This industry is more competitive than ever before. As cannabis becomes more accepted in more and more states, the industry will continue to grow. Since the beginning, our cannabis marketing agency has helped companies like yours to rise above the rest. 

These are some of the strategies that have been effective for our clients. Now, every cannabusiness is different. The stage yours is at very well may be different from another. You could face different challenges, different opportunities. So, while these below may not be exactly right for where you are right now, they can prove effective for just about any cannabis company at some point over the rest of the year. 

cannabis marketing agency

Using Compliance to Get Ahead 

If you’ve tried to engage in social media marketing before, then you know how challenging that can be. As of this writing, many platforms are very stringent about what you can and can’t post about cannabis, marijuana, 420, and so forth. This may seem limiting (and in many ways it is). However, you can also use it to your advantage so that you can connect to more folks than ever before. 

We put “as of this writing” as, hopefully, by the time you read this, the rules are less stringent. However, even if they are, that doesn’t mean you’re precluded from effective social media marketing. If you can’t show the product, you can show the result. You can show people having fun, having a good time, feeling relaxed, partying, chilling, sitting on the couch, and so forth. 

Beyond that, what you can also do is to highlight and share what your customers are doing. If you’re like so many of our cannabis clients, you probably have plenty of customers who use your products and post about it online. They should make up an important part of your social media strategy. Share those. Promote those. 

It doesn’t just make it easier on you (as you’ll have less that you’ll have to create entirely from scratch) but it also works as a kind of recommendation. When more of your prospective customers see your actual customers very satisfied, that makes it all the more likely they’re going to try you out. 

Above All Things: Value 

On the subject of content and what you should write about, film, talk about in podcasts, post on social media, and everything else, one word stands out above the rest: value. You have to be able to provide value. Everything you put online in any platform in any way should have real value. 

Now, “value” doesn’t have to be complicated. Not every post has to contain an entire dissertation about the complete history of marijuana consumption from the middle ages through today. But, your posts should always have some kind of value. If you’re bumping against the word “value,” in this context, it’s synonymous with “helpful.” 

So, you could post content from a budtender explaining what certain people might like (those who are more experienced, those who aren’t, and so forth). Highlighting different products at different times of the year, for different events, and on and on – just “selling,” just saying “hey, we have this, come buy it” probably isn’t enough. 

But, if you’re able to show people through your content something that can help them, even in some way, they’re all the more likely to come to you. Now, in terms of social media, you don’t want to run afoul of compliance rules. But, you can explain it all at great length on your blogs, your landing pages, service pages, in videos, podcasts, and so much more. 

Sharing some of your knowledge, some of your expertise, in everything that you do can go a long way. 

cannabis marketing agency

Remember: No Form of Marketing Ever Goes Away 

Cannabusiness is, in many ways, one of the newest industries there is. As so many are flush with money right now, chasing (for many) a younger demographic, there’s an assumption that they have to go with “the latest thing” in terms of marketing. That makes a lot of sense. It can be effective to go through TikTok marketing, and similar actions. (Indeed, we’ve helped plenty of clients to succeed on TikTok). 

That said, as our CEO Danny Star has said many times, traditional marketing can still be very effective. Indeed, no form of marketing ever really “goes away.” Rather, they just cease being the most dominant, the most effective form of marketing. There’s still plenty of more “traditional” forms of marketing that can help your cannabusiness. 

Billboards will always be effective. Are they as targeted as digital marketing can be? No. Should all of digital marketing be put on hold in favor of a billboard? Absolutely not. But, billboards can still work in concert with the rest of your marketing to help you to stand out from the rest. Indeed, in-person events, with real, live people going to a real, live location can do wonders. We’ve found great success with that for our clients. 

Digital marketing doesn’t have to supplant all that. Rather, through strong SEO, you can get the most out of traditional forms of marketing, too. 

cannabis marketing agency

A Cannabis Marketing Agency for Your Company 

Those are just some recent strategies that have worked for our clients. There are many, many other services that we provide. Indeed, if I were to write this article again in a week, it might have entirely different strategies. We’ve helped cannabusinesses throughout the country and can now do the same for you. For a free consultation with our cannabis marketing agency professionals, you can reach us at (888) 477-9540.